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Independent Consultancy Services
  Expert independent advice and management of the full range of security services
CCTV Systems/Operations Evaluations/Audits
  Independent assessments of security systems
Contingency Planning
  Managing risk through the development of a full range of contingency plans
Security Screening
  Personnel vetting and accreditation to British Standards
Security Training
  The provision of a full range of security and personal safety training to qualifications and industry standards including NVQs

Goodwill Associates offers independent security consultancy advice and services for CCTV, access control and integrated security systems, control room design and functionality, advice on private security teams, security screening of staff (vetting), retail crime and training in contingency planning, risk assessment, emergency evacuation planning, major event planning, crisis management planning, damage limitation, business interruption and continuity,and many other aspects of security and personal safety.

The company specialises in risk assessments and feasibility studies followed by systems design, specifications and the preparation of plans and procedures to deal with all identified problems. Designing out crime is a feature of our work acknowledged by nationally recognised awards. The requirement to integrate and interface security measures through technology and operational procedures leading to project management of system installation ensures a quality turnkey service.

Our ability to offer services and training in the human interface with security technology spans recruitment and selection of personnel, security screening, the development of in-house structures and procedures and the necessary training for qualifications and compliance with industry standards and all current legislation.

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